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Kris Vera-Phillips is on a teaching assignment in St. Petersburg, Russia. She is covering “Modern Internet Television Techniques ” for the Faculty of Journalism at St. Petersburg State University.

Inside the Booth

  • Lecture 1: Multimedia Journalist: My objective for this class is to show students how American journalists use online tools and other technologies to tell other people’s stories. That’s our primary function – we inform, educate and entertain our viewers by sharing those stories; from the President in the White House to the homeless man down the street.
  • Lecture 1: Professors: My objective for this class is to explain broadcast and online news concepts as well as demonstrate some of the skills that are important to American journalism students.
  • Lecture 2: Digital Newshounds: For this class, I want to take a closer look at how people get news: from journalists in the field to viewers at home.
  • Lecture 3: On the Record: I want to go over digital tools that other people use to inform the news media about their potential stories. I want to go beyond the faxed news releases and cover how lawmakers, public information officers, marketing directors and ordinary people use online tools to spread the word about their events and issues.
  • Lecture 4: Producing Multimedia Content: I will cover how news is covered in the field by reporters and photographers as well as back inside the newsroom by show and web producers. I will also take a closer look at multimedia expectations inside the newsroom.
  • Lecture 5: TV News on Silverscreen: I will examine how some films try to define American television news objectives and how they script all the action in the newsroom, the control room and the anchor desk.
  • Lecture 6: Finding the Punchline: I’m showing you how television news can be the punchline. We’ll look at the lighter side of network and local news coverage. I want to cover the importance of striking the right balance between hard news and watercooler stories. I will also show you how social media helps reporters do their jobs.
  • Lecture 7: Hyperlocal Journalism: Today, I will show you other ways news organizations are utilizing material, information and story ideas from viewers in order to fill the demand for news on television and online.
  • Lecture 8: Online Reputation: For this class, I will go over how to manage your online reputation on social media networks. I will also cover what type of information is used by news stations and viewers when it comes to your personal social network profiles.

Kris Vera-Phillips @ September 6, 2010