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Lecture 3: On the Record

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(Kris Vera-Phillips is on a teaching assignment in St. Petersburg, Russia. She is covering “Modern Internet Television Techniques ” for the Faculty of Journalism at St. Petersburg State University.)

Notes for Lecture 3
(Date: 08.09.10 and 15.09.10)

Objective: I want to go over digital tools that other people use to inform the news media about their potential stories. I want to go beyond the faxed news releases and cover how lawmakers, public information officers, marketing directors and ordinary people use online tools to spread the word about their events and issues.
A pic of the stolen tt bike. There is only one like it in the... on Twitpic

News Examples

  • Twitter: Lance Armstrong’s stolen bike
  • News10: Thief steals Armstrong’s bike
  • Facebook: Sacramento Metro Firefighters
  • News10: Skating rink in Sacramento destroyed in 5-alarm fire

Twitter in the Newsrooms

Trust and credibility

Part 2: Basic Web Design

  • W3C: Getting started with HTML

Kris Vera-Phillips @ September 14, 2010

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