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Lecture 1: Multimedia Journalist

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(Kris Vera-Phillips is on a teaching assignment in St. Petersburg, Russia. She is covering “Modern Internet Television Techniques ” for the Faculty of Journalism at St. Petersburg State University.)

Notes for Lecture 1
(Date: 06.09.2010 and 15.09.10)

My objective for this class is to show students how American journalists use online tools and other technologies to tell other people’s stories. That’s our primary function – we inform, educate and entertain our viewers by sharing those stories; from the President in the White House to the homeless man down the street.

Sunset in Topeka

News Profiles, Research

Multimedia News Portfolio

News Examples
(How TV news journalists investigate and report on stories with the help of viewer’ calls and e-mails as well as social media networks.)

Extra Links

  • Delicious Bookmarks: Links to more research, stories and information

Kris Vera-Phillips @ September 14, 2010

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