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Producing Social Media Segments

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Beyond the news show at KCRA 3, I helped anchors, reporters and photographers navigate social media applications.
KCRA Morning Show on Twitter

I taught my anchors how to Twitter from the set and in the field. I reached out to viewers on our Facebook page.

Here are some examples of how I produced segments with our social media tools and web sites.

Interview with Jimmy Fallon: Before the interview, I told my anchor that Fallon was tweeting from the site of the Thanksgiving Day Floats. My anchor used that information during the live satellite interview. Before the end of the show, Fallon tweeted us back.

Global Entrepreneurship Week: I added a Twitter demonstration to this live studio interview. My anchor and her guest showed viewers how to use the micro-blogging application as a business tool.

RaceCar 3: I showed our viewers how to get more information on RaceCar 3 and the Media Blitz 100 with this web demonstration.

Kris Vera-Phillips @ January 6, 2010

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